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A Storyteller

Shirley Larson is a storyteller hailing from northern British Columbia, Canada where she started her blog "I Have This Friend" which features stories about those that have crossed her path, and chronicles their tales with heartfelt emotions, a dash of witty banter, and a healthy dose of lessons in faith.

She has since added The Coffee Corner to her blog as a place to have a conversation over a cup of coffee with a friend.  You.  Whatever the topic, thoughts, or dreams, chatting with a friend over a hot cup of coffee never has a set agenda, its simply goes where the discussion leads.  

She has a heart for people and adventure, and the two often intertwine. On a journey to delve further into her writing career, Shirley joined Hope*writers, a community of working writers dedicated to the success and creativity of each member. 

Join Shirley as she dives into the stories surrounding her.

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On a Personal Note

I am a fun loving, adventure seeking enneagram 7 who loves Jesus, people, coffee and travel.  I'm an avid sports fan, mostly basketball and football, and all things Olympics, but I'll watch a variety of other sports too.


I am an only child who grew up in Northern BC with my mama and it is now where I call home and work for the municipality driving a zamboni, (I have a belief that this makes a hardcore Canadian, and makes up for the small detail that I don't enjoy all things maple flavoured,) or a loader, a dump truck, lawn mowers or any piece of equipment they let me operate.    


I have a heart for advocacy, and supporting organizations who are rescuing people out of slavery.  Specifically I support A21, whose motto is to abolish slavery in the 21st century.  You can find more about them at


I hold onto the belief that we are all created for connection and belonging and I am always up for meeting a new friend.  Feel free to subscribe or follow in whatever way you feel most connected.


(Pictured above is my mama and I and then my dog Libby)

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