Coffee Corner

All I need is a lil' bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.

In "I Have This Friend," I talk about the friends, here its a conversation with friends.  The beauty of chatting over a cup of coffee is that you never know where it will lead.


Sunsets and Cows: who could ask for anything more

I obsess over things.  Some things take more time than others to get passed.  Right now, I'm straight up addicted to the sky.  I have always loved the sky.  When asked to choose your favourite thing in nature I've always chosen the sky.  I love every aspect, its vastness, the clouds of every assortment, storms, sunrises and sunsets, rainbows, northern lights, stars.  (I fell in love with Jesus under the stars.)  Mountains, oceans, waterfalls, and other landscape terrain are interesting too, but the sky is my first love.  

I also love cows.  I don't work cows so I can stay blissfully unaware of quirks and difficulties.  So really what's not to love about a cow?  

So I ask you...what's your favourite part of nature?


My adoration for coffee

I didn't really love coffee until college when it became a necessity.  I was terrible and started with cream and sugar.  Then I discovered the Latte.  No sugar required just a lovely flavour of hazelnut or vanilla.  Mmmm.  I weaned myself off the sugar in coffee and now I don't understand how I ever managed to enjoy it.  I still like cream though.  I may also be a bit of a coffee snob.  Bad coffee is "the worst." (I have come to adopt using the phrase "the worst," recognizing that is rarely, if ever, the actual worst.  But I go with it...because life is relative, and also, I like the dramatic flare.)  But the worst is those public gatherings with the giant aluminum coffee maker...You know.  It's like chewing leather.  Awful stuff.  I have to be in dire need of caffeination when I choke that stuff down.

When I travelled to the land down under  however, I first discovered my first Flat White.  (Dawson Creek hadn't opened a Starbucks yet.)  Essentially a liquid of deliciousness wrapped in a mug of creamy heated bliss. (it was their winter don't judge).  They don't even have drip coffee in Australia, every cup, everywhere was edification for my soul.  Coffee makes me a better person.   

 Or the best is finding those little Italian shops of the greatest treats (the cannoli...YAAASSSS!!!) and some of the best coffee I've ever had.  The Italians....I am convinced they have a direct line from Heaven's kitchen.  They know how to make a great cup of coffee. 

But the real deal...I was possibly the happiest citizen of our municipality when Starbucks arrived.  It was a glorious day indeed.  My bank account begs to differ.  I ignore her and her logical principles.  I suppose it's good marketing to have seasonal drinks....But it's sad day when their season ends.  My go to seasonally is the chestnut and praline 1/2 sweet.  My weekly winter off season is a 1/2 sweet hazelnut latte.  Summer I throw in an iced coffee (always with cream).  But I never say no to the simple yet satisfying americano with room for cream.  When I'm not ingnoring my bank account though....or I start work before "DA BUCKs is open...its a drip coffee and cream and out the door.
Regardless of the type of caffeination, there are only two things I really need in life: Coffee and Jesus. Or as my sign above my desk says, "All I need is lil bit 'o coffee and a whole lot 'o Jesus."  I also find Coffee with Jesus makes my days go a whole lot better.  Because when it's not just being a tool to jumpstart my day, fire up my synapses to help me be a functional human being coffee acts as an invitation for connection.  So I invite you bring a cup of your caffeine of choice and see where the conversation leads.


7 Tips to Doing Singleness Well

I intentionally decided to do seven tips, because biblically speaking seven is the number of completion and while I feel like others help make our lives better God has created us as complete people....(maybe a work in progress but not something that needs another component to make it whole).  Let it be said I have no PHD in relational behaviour, these are just my observations as a happily single gal living life to the fullest.

#1 Don't be easily offended

When people ask you why you aren't married yet, or inquire into the depths of your depravity that you MUST have because you SHOULD be married by now.  Don't take up offence rather turn the conversation in a way that highlights the things you love about being single.  I love the freedom.  I can what I want, when I want to do it.  I also enjoy spending time with all sorts of different people and their families, and becoming auntie Shirlz to many of my friends kids.  If it is your desire to get married, sign them up for wife or husband hunting.  My friend's mother-in-law tells me she's praying for my husband every time I see her.  It's super sweet and always smile and say thank you.  Rather than get offended I am grateful that she takes the time to think about and pray for me. 
#1B  Don't get the hate on for Valentines Day. If you get lonely or sad make a Galentines Day with the gal pals.  Or as I like to call it Singles Awareness Day...and still go out with my friends.  Here's a  Singles Awareness freebie: Enjoy the odd rom com or chick flick, but try not to get addicted to romance...while it is out there, real romance is rarely portrayed realistically in the movies.   Especially as women we get sucked into the addiction of romance and it can lead to high expectations that our future spouse will find hard to maintain.   It can also amplify your aloneness and create sadness so, take inventory of how much you are escaping into a fantasy world.  (Where's that little hand up emoji...can I get an amen?)   

#2  Embrace the things you do love about being single

Enjoy the season you are in and take the opportunities to do things that a family might hinder later on.  Make a list.  Create a things I'd like to accomplish while I'm single bucket list.  If you aren't into lists, set goals or find whatever it is that brings you joy and be happy.   I love being able to travel and spend money however I want to without having to consult a spouse.  I also love having alone time and being able to be selfish...because I don't have the responsibility of taking care of another person.  Currently I am revisiting this writing thing and I have copious amounts of time to put into it; this could be done with a family...MANY people do it, but I'm taking advantage of my current state of singleness. 

#3 Don't hesitate to do things you want because you are waiting for someone else

Okay if what you want is to be married you have to wait for someone...but otherwise...go for it.  I pictured myself hiking diamond head in Hawaii for this reason.  I was on the trip with a friend and she didn't want to do it and I did.  I didn't make her bad for not wanting to go but I REALLY wanted to go.  If it hadn't mattered to me I would've done something else.  I happily hiked and she was content to catch some rays by the pool...or the beach? I couldn't tell ya.  I have travelled alone and met spectacular people or just enjoyed the time with nature or the fascination with history and architecture.  I have travelled with people and also had an amazing time.  Both are very different for different reasons.  There is a lot to be said for shared experiences, and while those are my favourite they are not required for me to pursue doing things I really want to do.  Even if its going to a movie alone or hiking a volcano.  I'll admit it took me some practice, but in my college days constantly surrounded by people I took myself on a date.  I went for dinner and movie out of town.  It was glorious, and one of the best self care things I ever did.  It helped me get over being uncomfortable being alone.  Back then I couldn't hide in my phone I just had to entertain myself.  Try it...take yourself on a date.  I have done many road trips where I was meeting someone on the other end but in between is many meals solo.  It's no longer scary it's liberating.  It also invites conversations with people you may have never otherwise met and you may receive wisdom you never knew you needed or help someone else work through their thing.   But whatever you are doing you don't have to wait for others to do it too.

#4 Keep a balanced range of friends

I have married friends, widowed friends, divorced friends, newly wed friends, dating friends, single friends. Younger friends, older friends.  Guy friends, gal friends.  Co-worker friends, hobby friends,  friends from high school, friends in high school, friends from college, friends who are kids of my friends.  Not all of these people are on the forefront of my mind daily, but I touch base with them.  I have my inner circle... The people who are often on the forefront of my mind.  They are my stability and they are all in various walks of life.  I  learned the lesson that just because you are in a different season of life it doesn't mean we don't have things to offer each other.  The truth of it is, we probably have more to offer each other.  I have many friendships I let drift away because we no longer had anything in common after they got married.  It's not true.  Granted friends will drift, but don't let their marital status be a reason for it.  Another important tip within the tip: Embrace being a wheel.  I'd avoid doing things with friends because I didn't want to be a third or fifth wheel, but if they are inviting you, embrace the added company and get to know your friend's person... You are not an after thought, they want to spend time with you, take them up on it. 

#5 Learn to communicate your needs to your friends

The people in your life cannot read your mind, and many of us think, "They should just know..."  I'm telling you they don't.  You need to tell them.  Likewise you need to listen when they also express a need.  Some of us learn things the hard way and try to manipulate what we want.  In my experience its way faster to be vulnerable and say things like, I'm lonely and need some quality time.  Or ask them to check in on you every other week for accountability.
In this point I want to point out two myths:
 1 Singleness = loneliness.
 2 Married People are never lonely.
First just because you are single doesn't automatically mean you are lonely, and if you are it doesn't have to be, but you may have to take initiative to address being lonely.
Second you can be in a relationship and still feel alone.  So learn the skill of communicating your needs to your friends while you are single and it will make you a better spouse someday. (I think)

#6 Be unapologetically You with some humility

Some of us are chameleons who can work a room and adapt to our surrounding with ease and comfort.  Others would rather hide in the corner.  Spotlight or shadows.  Personality, attachments, gifts and talents. quirks and faults, downfalls and successes.  Embrace who you are.  Learn the skill of reflection.  Work on the things that need improvement and celebrate the things you are already doing well.  I have a tattoo of a tree on my forearm, its to remind me that Im still growing, a work in progress but already beautiful.  Don't apologize for who you are, but also be humble enough to re-evaluate and adjust.  Do the work to become the healthiest you, not for someone else but for you.

#7 Recognize you are never alone

Especially if you are reading this from a basis of faith, but even if you are not, I'm here to tell you God is God Emmanuel.  Which means God with us.  I pray this often.  "God come into this situation and be God Emmanuel...the God who is with us, or me."  That is true of anyone in any circumstance, not just the single people out there.  He is WITH you. ("With" my favourite preposition...because sometimes that is all you need is someone to be WITH you, not a spousal someone necessarily...but the WITH that implies presence of being together) This is the God I adore and follow, the one who is personal and puts the lonely in families.  When you have moments when you feel lonely, know you are in good company.  I picked a few: Joseph, Daniel, Jonah, Jesus.  These are all people who experienced parts of their story feeling lonely.  Jospeh in a pit, Daniel in den, Jonah in a fish, and Jesus in the garden.  It's not uncommon, to feel lonely, but recognize this was only a piece of their whole story.  Joseph eventually reunites with his family, Daniel gets out of the den with some new furry friends, Jonah finds the shore of Ninevah and starts one of the largest revivals recorded, and Jesus...He has a few more days of lonely,(extremely understated) and yet he ends up rejoicing with his friends in the upper room, surrounded by people who loved him deeply and eventually He is reunited with God the Father where He is love.  Not loved...God is love.  Now there's a reunion Im signing up for.  But for now I take comfort that God is WITH us...WITH  me,  and WITH you.


Image by Anandu Vinod

A Dream

It has been my lifelong dream and ambition to walk on water.  Ever since I was a teenager and heard the story of Peter getting out of the boat and walking on the water to Jesus, I too wanted to walk on water. To summarize the story, the disciples are in a boat in a storm and Jesus is walking on the water.  Peter attempts to go to Him, starts walking and then looks at the wind and waves and starts to sink.  Jesus picks him up and they get in the boat. (Matt 14:22-33 if you'd like to read the full verson.)  It is my favourite New Testament story, and not just for it's uniqueness or the bravery of Peter, but because no matter how many times I go back to it I find something new.  It's true of all scripture, that's what makes it alive, but for as often as I've frequented this story it should've lost its nuance.  I have yet to successfully walk on fluid (just to be clear) not frozen water.  I live in Northern Canada I have walked on plenty of ice.  But ice is not the dream, or even in the realm of miracle territory.  I so desire to walk on water that I have been passionately obsessed with telling everyone my dream.  When I taught, all my students knew how much Ms. Larson wanted to walk on water.  The problem with my deep seeded desire is that I haven't been called to walk on water.  God hasn't asked me to do it.  And really what's my bring some glory to Him and literally walk in miracle territory.  What was Peter's motive?  To go to Jesus.  Perhaps I need a focus shift for my dream.   Metaphorically speaking I can walk this out and draw all kinds of implications for my life and other life dreams.  I need to focus on Jesus and then step out.   

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