I Have This Friend

The untold narrative of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, forging their character in the story of life.

I HAVE THIS FRIEND serves as a vessel to share a portion of peoples stories.  The catch phrase itself, "I have this friend," typically implies that its really about you and not about someone else, and in truth that might be the case. But my real hope is you find encouragement in your own story as I give you the chronicles of people who have crossed my path.  May the people who have walked by side for years or been in my life for a season or have inspired my own story for a minute be a source of joy, comfort, or your own inspiration.


About "This Friend"

How we got here: not actually about the "friend"

In my twenties I was accepted into college for journalism.  Due to finances and a gut feeling not to go, I stayed home.  Sometimes I wonder what might have been, but I quickly retract that thinking because I have, and am living a spectacular life.  I have met incredible people who have truly ordinarily inspiring stories.  They have all taught me so much and I look forward to sharing what I have learned from each of them while also revealing pieces of my own story.  

I grew up listening to the famous Paul Harvey, who beautifully told "The rest of the story," on his radio broadcast. I have no intention of competing with him for the rest of the story but I'd like to tell a piece of one...or some.  Maybe one day I'll write the biography of someones whole story but for now, you and I can a take a short journey with a piece of a story, or a few.  


On a Personal Note

I am a fun loving, adventure seeking enneagram 7 who loves Jesus and people.  I'm an avid sports fan who cannot get enough travel in my life especially if its to watch sports.  

I am an only child who grew up in Northern BC with my mama and it is now where I call home and work for the municipality driving a zamboni (I have a belief that this makes a hardcore Canadian, and makes up for the small detail that I don't enjoy all things maple flavoured.)

I have a heart for advocacy, specifically supporting organizations who are rescuing people out of slavery.  

I think we are all created for connection and belonging and I am always up for meeting a new friend.  Feel free to subscribe or follow in whatever way you feel most connected.

(Pictured is my dog Libby...she'd also love to hear from you or your pets)


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